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O postanku Atos nekretnine

On the origin of Athos Real Estate

The company Athos Real Estate was established in the summer of 2007, in Podgorica.

It was named after one of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki - Athos.

"Atos is a mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece and it is the seat of the 20 Orthodox monasteries. As only monks are allowed to live on this peninsula, it has fully preserved its "wild beauty." According to an old tradition/legend, on her way to Cyprus, the Blessed Virgin Mary found the shelter from the storm on Athos.  Delighted by its beauty, she blessed the peninsula and asked her son Jesus Christ to convert it into her garden. "

The moment of formation of the real estate agency Athos was a crucial moment in the life of the owners and initiators of Athos real estate, who by giving the name Athos wanted to tell everyone around them the only right way is the way of honesty and trust, and that the agency is based primarily on these grounds.

In the sea of real estate and various companies, over time our Agency has distinguished itself with its well-known high quality work, originality, as well as adaptation and preparation of products for our market.

  • The main driver of the agency is to help buyers, customers, investors as well as to offer professional assistance and provide true support which is much more important to us than our personal interests and profits
  • Athos is an agency which in its work has more than one goal, it really matters to us who we cooperate with and who are our clients
  • We want to respond to our clients’ requests, and present them the truth
  • We want to make the right impression and to help people to understand that the interest in our company is only the common interest with a client
  • We want to be remembered by clients for quality service we provide
  • We want you to become a part of our big family
  • We are here to support clients, to always inform them and provide them proper advice about investment and leasing

And finally we respect the traditions and the diversity of our clients, citizens and business associates, as in cooperation with them new vistas are opened to us and we can look at things from different aspects, thus we can become even better at your job.

We are also great support to our associates and we want to help everyone who wants to work and contribute.

Be the team of Athos and we will be glad.


Job application

Athos real estate agency works on employment and attracting productive agents to whom it provides great support, educational opportunities and other competitive values.

If you want to become part of our team, if you are ambitious, diligent, you can send your CV to e-mail: info@atosnekretnine.com