"Athos Real Estate" is a company made up of young and ambitious people eager for new experiences and willing to deal with the challenges that include the business beyond stereotypes.

If you believe that you could be a valuable member of our team, please contact us! We are always willing to open new jobs and expand our business, and if you think you have an idea and that we could expand our activities to the mutual satisfaction, we are here to listen to you.

Currently, the competition for the following jobs is announced:

  • Sales agent (an agent who will deal with the sale of real estate and collection of such real estate, a combination of office and field work)
  • Telephone sales agent (sales, 2 persons)
  • Job Description: putting real estate on the site and in the program, communication with clients, sending offers, archives, office work related to telephone communication
  • Lawyer for the preparation of the lease agreement, work on all types of contracts, communication with public institutions such as cadastre, urbanism and others
  • Worker in production (photography and technical drawings)
    • Job description: taking photos and making sketches on the field, photo editing as well as making documentation on the spot,
  • Architect or civil engineer (control of repairs, participation in real estate assessments, supervision of construction works)

Job applications can be sent to info@atosnekretnine.com

Candidates should send tidy CV, preferably written in their own style, without copied shapes, with a photograph.

Candidates must have completed higher school or faculty, gymnasium can be considered too.

The knowledge of the English language is very important to us and at the same time it is mandatory, other languages are also welcome.

Candidates under the age of 25 and without work experience, as well as candidates who do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.