Publishing real estate

You can offer your real estate in a number of ways.

1. By sending data to our e-mail

2. By direct putting on our web site,

  • Clicking on any menu and opening that page, on the top right corner you will be able to see the link Publish your real estate, and clicking on it the page for entering your real estate will be opened, and if you carefully follow the instructions, you will enter all the required information for publishing e your real estate very quickly and easily. Our colleagues will get your real estate prepared for publication, and after confirming the entered data, your real estate will be approved and put on our website.
  • In case of need for additional clarification and information, we will be free to contact you additionally.

3. By personal contact

  • On the territory of Podgorica, from 10am to 4pm on weekdays, our colleagues (in agreement with you, regarding appointment), can visit you and on the spot they can: take photos, and fill forms with the required information including price and other important segments.
  • In the event that your real estate is located outside the territory of Podgorica, in its surroundings or further, a special tariff for arrival is charged, depending on distance, and it amounts to 10 euros or more.


In our team, we have a professional photographer who can take professional photos for you and put them to use for you. His services will be extra charged, depending on the size and distance of a real estate.


Preparing real estate for photography

  • It is necessary to prepare a real estate to look as neat as possible, to tight bedding, to remove the excess stuff and clothes, and also to remove unnecessary things from  kitchen units, so that an agent/photographer could freely take photos, and in order that a real estate looks as neat as possible
  • To illuminate rooms with daylight or to turn the lights on
  • Cleaning dust and thorough cleaning is not necessary because it cannot be noticed on photographs.


Photography is very important and it indeed has a very important effect on the first contact with a future lessee or buyer, so any detail you consider important and which makes your real estate different compared to other ones (for example an arranged garden with ornamental details, a superb view from a balcony , some nice rocking chairs, a special corner in an apartment, nice decoration ...) should be emphasized to an agent/photographer, so that they could pay particular attention to such details, because only by joint efforts we can achieve real results.

Job application

Athos real estate agency works on employment and attracting productive agents to whom it provides great support, educational opportunities and other competitive values.

If you want to become part of our team, if you are ambitious, diligent, you can send your CV to e-mail: